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6 am – Praying over being a peaceful, hopeful, loving light for Christ in the midst of this fear. (This is the time for Christians to shine!)

7 am – Praying over the elderly, our grandparents and parents

8 am – Praying for community connections and closeness through this

9 - 9:30 am – Praying over an explosion of revival, people coming to Christ in this!


11:30 - 12 noon – Praying over those recovering from coronavirus around the world, and for New York City especially where half of the U.S. coronavirus has been.

12 noon – Praying over healthcare workers and caregivers everywhere

1 pm – Praying over family relationships during this unique time

2 pm – Praying over churches and pastors

3 pm – Praying over first responders, police, firefighters, military and medical personnel

4 pm – Praying over our personal closeness to the Lord, prayer for supernatural peace from God and to be a joyful light for Jesus!

5 pm – Praying over people in high-risk categories

6 pm – Praying over community leaders and influencers at all levels


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